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Entretient Arbre

Emerald Ash Borer Control

The emerald ash borer is an especially devastating insect that since 2002 has killed millions of ash trees south of the Great Lakes and in Ontario. It made its official appearance on the Island of Montréal in 2011, where it is threatening thousands of ash trees.

Thankfully, since 2008, a systemic insecticide control agent certified for use in Canada has been available for effective control and prevention of this predator. TreeAzin has been proving its effectiveness for the last three years in Ontario, and we are pleased to offer it to you for emerald ash borer control tailored to your needs.
The insecticide is injected directly into the tree using a small pressurized vial. The tree naturally takes in the product and circulates it using the internal movement of its sap. TreeAzin must be applied at the base of the tree during the tree's growth season (between May 15 and August 31). It is recommended to repeat the application every two years since the product loses its effectiveness thereafter.

This treatment must be performed by workers who hold an applicator certificate from the Department. Since each tree has its own unique biological and structural traits, it is essential that the person applying the product hold an arboriculture diploma; a qualified professional will be best suited to guide and consult you throughout the emerald ash borer control process. We provide this service everywhere in the Greater Montréal Area. Just ask for a [free] consultation.