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Lightning Protection System

Lightning is one of the most powerful forces of nature. It is also one of the most destructive. In the United States alone, some 25 million lightning bolts strike the earth each year. Thousands of the trees that are hit by lightning are either completely destroyed or severely damaged in their structure and solidity.

Trees are particularly vulnerable to lightning strikes, primarily owing to their height, their location (near the water, in open areas, etc.), and the quantity of water (sap) that they hold in the warmer months.

Why protect your trees?

Trees are often the focal point of any landscape. They provide shade, purify our air, and increase the value and beauty of our property. They also have soothing properties. Once a tree has been hit by lightning, it can suffer significant damaged or even be destroyed right on the spot. Trees are, essentially, priceless, and it makes good sense to protect them. It is also important to protect trees that are situated near buildings, road and pedestrian access points, and urban furniture.

Lightning Protection System

The lightning protection system is made up of various parts. First, terminals are installed in the crown of the tree and fastened to a conductive copper wire that runs down the length of the trunk. It is grounded through a copper rod or plate that is buried in the ground. All the hardware used in this system must absolutely have been designed for these purposes and must adhere to current standards of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI A300, section 4). No regulatory standard in Quebec currently enforces this practice.


For the purposes of meeting current standards (ANSI A300, section 4) and following safe climbing practices, it is important to have qualified arborists install the lightning protection system. Our trained and skilled staff will ensure that no defects occur in the installation and that the efficiency of the system is thereby maintained.

How much does such a system cost?

Evidently, a protection system such as this requires specialized hardware. It is often less costly, however, to prevent damage by installing a lightning protection system than it is to cut down a tree that has been hit (the value of the tree and the cost for replacing it are significant on their own). The lighting protection system is much like an insurance policy for your tree.
Contact Arbo-Design, and a specialized arborist will be glad to perform a free assessment for the installation of a lightning protection system.