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Entretient Arbre


Planting trees is one of the kindest gestures we can make for ourselves and for the environment. It is also an effective solution for reducing pollution and heat islands in urban areas. Planting a tree and watching it grow and flourish brings an enormous amount of satisfaction, even more so when it was a tree selected and planted in respect of good trade practices.

How to Choose a Tree for Planting

Selecting the right species is essential to the success of your plant. The type of soil used, the amount of sun received, the space available and the orientation of the tree are all factors to consider to ensure strong growth and a long life for your new tree.

Once the species has been determined, it is important to carefully select the subject of your planting project. Whether your tree is bare-rooted, in a basket or in a pot, detecting the quality of its crown and root system requires the expert eye of a professional arborist.

Planting Technique

The speed and quality of the tree's take are directly related to the planting technique that was used. The size of the hole, the depth of the plant, and the removal (or non-removal) of the burlap, wire, and pot are all factors which contribute to the success of your tree's growth.

How Much does Planting Cost?

Planting costs depend on various factors: the size of the tree, the species, and the accessibility of the planting area. We can also develop a post-planting follow-up plan that includes an annual visit, formative cutting, and insect and disease control services.

Arbo-Design's team of arborists will be glad to guide you throughout the tree planting process. Just ask for a [free] consultation.