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Tree and Stump Removal

Preserving the urban forest heritage is our priority. Sometimes, however, a fair diagnosis given by a professional may recommend that a tree be cut down due to its weak structure or poor health. Taking into account the limitations of the tree's positioning, the state of its structure, and the environment, our arborist climbers use various techniques to reduce any danger to themselves and to the surrounding property. Using state-of-the-art cutting equipment, our teams are able to cut down trees in the toughest of conditions (when the trees are dead or uprooted, for example, or when they are found in areas of limited space). We are sometimes required to use a crane in order to minimize risk to our employees and your personal property.

Municipalities or RCMs may restrict tree cutting in order to ensure the protection of the forest canopy and promote the sustainable development of private forests. Prior to contracting any work, you must check with your municipality to see if you require a cutting permit.

We also offer a complementary stump removal service. This technique involves grinding (shredding) the tree stump directly in the ground, thus avoiding the need to uproot the tree, a process that not only causes far greater damage but also leaves behind an immense hole that will need to be filled at a later time. The use of a stump grinder limits damage to the land and to any other neighbouring structures and allows for the creation of a hole that can be used for planting a new tree, if desired.

Arbo-Design's team of arborists will be pleased to guide you throughout the cutting and stump removal process. Just ask for a free consultation.