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Tree Protection During Construction

In today's dynamic economy and society, housing needs are always changing. Whether it is a new construction project, a renovation project, a road, or any other development project, trees are and must be made an integral part of any building activity. They increase property value, and their preservation and merit are an important part of any construction plan.

Often, despite a genuine desire to protect them during construction, trees may get damaged, the ground underneath them may get compacted, and the roots supporting them may get torn. If they do not die on the spot, their health is nevertheless put to the test. They risk suffering for several years from infestations by various insects or pathogens or simply from being deprived of nutrients and oxygen in the soil.

By applying current standards and the latest technology, Arbo-Design's team can help you preserve this precious asset.

Various measures can be taken whether you are in the project planning, design, preconstruction, construction, or post-construction stage. However, the earlier a qualified arborist is brought into the process, the better are the tree's chances of success.

Which trees should be preserved?

Various factors come into play when deciding whether or not a tree is a good candidate for preservation.

  • The characteristics of the tree species
  • The overall health of the tree
  • The structure
  • The texture and quality of the surrounding soil
  • The esthetics of the tree

With the help of a detailed report, the arborist will determine which trees are best fitted for preservation.

How to protect trees during construction

Several basic rules must be adhered to in order to ensure a smooth operation.

  • A tree protection zone (TPZ) must be established. A physical barrier must be erected to provide ample protection.
  • Soil compaction must be reduced at the site of the roots. This can be done using different techniques which vary according to the type and duration of the project.
  • Certain branches must be pre-cut to ensure access or delivery to the site. It is preferable to cut the branches properly rather than to risk any tears.
  • Roots must be pre-cut. On some construction sites, it is difficult to avoid digging in root areas. With the help of an air excavation tool (the Air-Spade), however, it is possible to excavate without risking any damage to the roots; roots can then be cut cleanly so as to avoid any tears as well as any threats to the health and stability of the tree.

Arbo-Design's team of arborists will be pleased to assist you in your construction projects and guide you in every step of the preservation and protection process. Just ask for a free consultation.